Brad Eberly

Brad has been writing music and singing since before he was in High School.  He started playing guitar as a grade-schooler with a hand-me-down, square-necked dobrough.  His self-taught style reflects his love for acoustic folk/rock and fusion jazz music.   Equally evident in his music is his love for the Lord and well crafted lyric.  The roots of his love for radical Christian music can be found in his lyrics as they reflect a desire to live out radical Christian faith.  For Brad, being a Christian means being completely sold out to following Jesus, no matter what the cost.  It means taking Jesus at His word, pure and simple.  It means living what you say you believe; really walking the talk.  His lyrics reflect this “no compromise” faith.

Brad grew up in Amarillo Texas where both his Christian faith and various musical skills began to blossom.  His entire family is musical and they sang and played together often, but Brad’s ability as a singer began to take off  as a teenager when he landed lead roles in several theater productions both as a student and as a summerstock theater professional.  His fondest memories include the lead role of Jesus in a Community Theater production of Godspell that sold out for its entire run.  He went to college in Kansas and Indiana where he studied Bible, Music, and Theater.  He also led several worship bands throughout his college years and found his love there…in more ways than one!  He married his college sweetheart who was also a part of one of those worship bands.

Today, Brad and his wife, Marian live in Peoria, Arizona and are the proud parents of one daughter, Jena.  He is now serving as the Worship Pastor at Calvary Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona, a Calvary Chapel where over 12,000 believers worship together in four diffierent venues.  He leads worship several times each week and oversees 14 different worship bands at the church, directs the choir, and supervises the entire media ministry.  Brad has been leading worship since his High School years in everything from Fellowship of Christian Athletes to traveling Worship Teams, Youth Camps to Sunday morning church.   His calling is to encourage believers in Jesus to deepen their faith and grow in their love of the Lord.  He is committed, as well, to inviting those who do not know Jesus to discover His love for them.